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Flexi-Angle Swivel Phone Stand

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With the invention of smartphones, users can stay connected, access the web, send messages and emails, stream movies, take photos, listen to music, read, and more but it has disadvantages as well. In order for us to do these tasks, it requires us to hold our phones at all times which can be inconvenient and uncomfortable.  Luckily, Flexi-Angle Swivel Phone Stand offers the solution to this problem.

This phone stand offers its users several key benefits such as it improves comfort, safety, and productivity. It transforms your phone into a hands-free device making it easier and convenient for you. Place on your desk for easier multi-tasking or on your kitchen counter so you can easily follow online recipes. That’s convenience at its best!

  • SAFE AND SECURE MOUNT – Holds most smartphones and small tablets in portrait or landscape mode.
  • 270° SWIVEL DESIGN – Features an adjustable swivel that allows you to switch from different angles depending on your preference.
  • SMART TRIANGULAR STRUCTURE – Built in a triangular structure to be able to easily carry the weight of phones and tablets.
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN – Produced with non-slip pads preventing device from skidding.
  • COMPACT FOLDABLE DESIGN – Lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry on the go.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Allows you to watch videos, read, facetime, or browse the web.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY – Universal and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
  • STYLISH AND SLEEK – A perfect accessory for your desk or nightstand while at home and traveling.

Give your hands its much needed break! Enjoy better phone screen time NOW with the Flexi-Angle Swivel Phone Stand!